Research methods for archiving and preserving digitized records

Learn about methods for archiving and preserving digitized records extensively through this research

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Research methods for archiving and preserving digitized records
Research methods for archiving and preserving digitized records
Research methods for archiving and preserving digitized records
Written by: Salma Salah Arafa Hassan; Atef Bayoumi
Research Summary
Research on methods for archiving and preserving digitized records confirms that in light of the information revolution, it has become difficult to control the massive flow of information using traditional methods, especially since the intertwining of interests in light of the information revolution has necessitated dealing with more than one client at the same time and sometimes with the same documents, and this is not provided by a paper-based work environment. In the paper environment, it does not exceed two at a time, and it is vulnerable to loss or damage. Hence, another different environment appeared for us, which is the digital environment for dealing with records and official files and archiving them electronically to achieve more effectiveness in dealing with them.
Research on methods for archiving and preserving digitized records indicates that with the spread of computer systems within the work environment in organizations, computers have made it easier for workers to communicate with each other inside and outside the organization very quickly and appropriately. They have also enabled workers to easily exchange files, quickly copy them, and easily access them and update the information they contain. Without being restricted by time or place, database systems allow retrieving a large amount of information quickly and easily, as they make organizations' web pages a visible entity that allows the publication of all information that can be viewed by customers and beneficiaries.
Research on methods for archiving and preserving digitized records shows that from this standpoint, the Ministry of State for Administrative Development has cooperated with all ministries in preparing a program to build work automation systems and services provided to users through e-government, which aims to better serve citizens and companies and speed up the completion of services provided through several Means include developing procedures, removing work obstacles, providing vital services for the longest hours a day and during holidays, raising the level of efficiency in providing services, working to modernize work systems in ministries, saving expenses by developing new mechanisms for procurement and optimal use of available resources, providing accurate information to support decision-making. The trend towards... Electronic governments have led to many issues related to the future of documents and paper documents in terms of the impact of information technology means on the paper document, which required the issue at the academic level. Universities worked in the field of documents to issue guidelines and standards that show how to deal with the electronic document. Also on the legislative side issuance. Legislation that explains how to deal with an electronic document and the extent of its legal validity.
The study of methods for archiving and preserving digitized records adds that with the tendency of state governments to use computers in performing their administrative work to provide institutional services through the e-government portal, this led to the establishment of electronic archives that preserve documents and are based on indexing, classifying, and retrieving them, and thus different types of digital documents have emerged. It took various forms, including text files such as pdf.word, audio files, and video files. Despite this diversity in the electronic document, it does not affect digital documents. Rather, the size of paper documents increased by 40% after the spread of e-mail in American offices due to the employee’s desire to acquire The paper document as proof.
Reasons for choosing the topic and its importance
The importance of choosing to research methods for archiving and preserving digitized records lies in the fact that we do not know much about the Public Prosecutions Department in Beni Suef in terms of preserving documents and documents, how to arrange and prepare them, and the speed of making data available to beneficiaries. The study will also present a proposed program for implementing electronic archiving within the Public Prosecutions Department and the transition from the system The traditional to the electronic system in the archives of the Public Prosecutions Department in Beni Suef.
Summary of research on methods of archiving and preserving digitized records
The research revolves around the subject of methods for archiving and preserving digitized records as they are, while making them available for a long period of time. This can be achieved by preserving digital records in many forms, including open source digital forms, which is a set of codes that anyone can have in digital form. It is open source and its composition elements do not change over time and are defined by international organizations for standardization. They are documented forms that do not depend on a single product and are available to the public.
The role of the Doc Suite system
The Doc Suite system manages electronic documents and helps in saving and archiving numbered records effectively. It does this in several ways:
Secure Storage: The DocSuite system provides secure storage for digital documents, protecting them from loss or damage.
Arrangement and classification: The system can organize documents according to certain criteria and classify them based on reference numbers or custom categories.
Search capability: It provides a powerful search interface that helps find documents quickly using multiple criteria such as date, or reference number.
Security: DocSuite offers security features that protect digitized documents from unauthorized access and track access and modifications.
Archiving: The system can also support long-term archiving of digitized documents and important content.
In short, Doc Suite plays an important role in managing, preserving and archiving digitized records systematically and securely.
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