Intelligent connectivity and one-click integration

Whatever program you use, you will only need one click of a button to access all your data, documents, and information about your various operations. Using the smart link library and the smart connection feature, you can now link and connect any program or application that your team uses at work easily, quickly, and with complete security, without the need for expertise. Technology or Programming, Save time and effort as you bypass repetitive data entry and annoying switching between multiple programs and applications. With Smart Connect, you gain the ability to seamlessly access what you need at the click of a button.

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How to bid farewell to the complexities of manual searching and the tedium of excessive data entry?

The Smart Connect feature enhances your experience with quick access to the file and document storage in DocSuite, as it reads the terms you search for from the interface of the application you are using. With the click of a button, all files, documents and documents related to the terms you searched for will appear on the screen, whether They were invoices, occupancy permits, contracts, orders, emails or receipts and more.

+1000 programs and applications integrated with Doc Suite easily

Designed to fit into any organization's IT environment, DocSuite provides flexible integration with CRM, HR, ERP, email, and other systems and software your organization uses in its business, thanks to its integration with critical workplace devices such as printers and PCs. Scanning, you can easily digitize various papers and documents.

In the world of smart connectivity with Doc Suite, get fast and smooth access to your information and deal with various applications and programs with high efficiency.

How can you access any document you are looking for with the click of a button?

You no longer need to manually enter tedious data. With DocSuite's Smart Connect feature, you will automatically convert the data you entered into your accounting system, whether ERP or other, into DocSuite's document filing dialog. Simply put, enjoy perfect integration with the click of a button. One with Smart Connect.

Search through your accounting software: Thanks to the Intelligent Connect service, you can access the original invoice in your DocSuite repository whose data record you have processed using your accounting software. With just one click, you will be able to download the associated delivery note, all quickly and easily.

Use the advanced search feature to search your email: You can now search your DocSuite archive and access the invoice your client sent you via email by using a specific keyboard shortcut, and it will appear in front of you with just one click.

Linkage with human resources software: You can easily connect DocSuite to human resources management software. Through the smart API linkage system, you will be able to easily access all employee records data and their performance in the workplace, enabling you to determine promotions and salary increases based on what was recorded in that data. Records.

View documents

View documents

With smart connectivity, you can easily and quickly view any document you want.

Electronic indexing

Electronic indexing

The program enables you to specify the data you wish to use and index electronically

Easy to connect

Easy to connect

Through the intelligent API connectivity system, you will be able to integrate with different systems and programs.

Connection without programming

Connection without programming

The docksuit system allows you to seamlessly connect smart devices to any system without the need for programming.

Get ready for smart connectivity now

Now you can index financial documents directly from your accounting software into your DocSuite repository with ease.

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