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Transitioning to the Cloud Today, the value of the cloud is abundantly clear. The ability to scale, harness power, and enhance mobility is readily accessible to any organization, and high-value solutions like workflow automation and document management can be acquired with surprising ease.

For every organization, the cloud is part of the future. For many, it is the sole future.


Cloud Technology 

Until the past decade, enterprise technology primarily operated on server racks within corporate data centers. Introducing new applications came with substantial implementation, integration, storage, and security requirements. Accordingly, IT departments had substantial budgets and extensive control.

The cloud, however, has transformed the layers of the IT stack—applications, storage, middleware, networking, security, computational power—into a vast, redundant, globally distributed network of data centers. Now, the only prerequisite for access is an internet connection.

Crucially, the accessibility of cloud applications places business owners at the core of technology decision-making. This offers the following benefits:

  1. Financial Flexibility Solutions such as cloud document management and workflow automation are procured based on usage rather than fixed capacity. Services can be acquired as operational expenses instead of capital expenses.

  2. Clear Path to Value Cloud workflow and document management services follow a path of trial, starting small, and scaling up. This is a complete reversal from the traditional approach of making significant upfront investments and hoping for successful implementation.

  3. Administrative Simplicity The responsibilities of security, redundancy, and scalability are shifted to the cloud services provider. Business owners can then concentrate on optimizing processes and improving worker productivity.

DocSuite Cloud: Supporting Your Cloud Automation Journey
DocSuite is one of the best office automation solutions that perfectly suits thousands of organizations. DocSuite Cloud offers the most comprehensive solution for organizations that are moving their applications and processes to the cloud. DocSuite Cloud provides the following:
  • Non-negotiable functionality: Get an advanced set of features that are typically provided by traditional local solutions through your web browser, without compromising on security, interactivity, performance, or scalability.
  • Access from anywhere: Maintain maximum productivity as employees can initiate, manage, and complete workflows from any device, at any time, and from anywhere.
  • Frictionless flexibility: Easily expand and integrate with other applications, smoothly create new workflow paths, and expand your business operations without any complications.
  • Modern architecture: Benefit from a multi-tenant structure built on the global backbone of Microsoft Azure.
Embark on a paperless journey and start your digitization process with DocSuite