financial management

Financial management is the process that aims to plan and control the use and distribution of financial resources in an organization or company with the aim of achieving financial and economic objectives efficiently and effectively

/ Digital transformation

In a world where time is accelerating and pressures are increasing, financial management in institutions bears a huge responsibility to support and exploit these opportunities efficiently, and to provide outstanding financial and accounting performance, by creating various financial reports, such as budgets and resources, faster.


Financial management provides the critical information that executives need to make informed strategic decisions. Financial management ensures exceptional performance for your organization and enhances your ability to thrive in the business world.


Get ready to outperform and gain a competitive advantage with our robust and outstanding financial management software


Let financial management be the star that lights your way to success!


How does DocSuit help you with financial management?

Get ready for administrative intelligence in the field of financial management with "DocSuite"..a comprehensive and innovative solution!

DocSuite allows you to archive accounting invoices, entries, vouchers, and closing reports in a smart and smooth way, whether you prefer manual or electronic work. You can also link it to the API platform of ERP cloud programs and take advantage of the ability to generate comprehensive and accurate reports and restore documents from previous years at any time you need. .


These smart solutions make the workflow within the financial and accounting departments more efficient, fast and secure, so you don't have to worry about errors.


With DocSuite, organizations are able to make important decisions in less time, as all the required information and reports are available when decision makers need them.


Keep your organization's financial department running smart and efficient, and gain a competitive edge to succeed


What are the latest accounting software and solutions in DocSuite?

Accounts Payable Management

DocSuite takes your hand out of annoying paperwork and the hassle of manually processing invoices. It offers you multiple methods of electronic billing and workflow automation, allowing you to build the right financial management that is easy and smooth from one place. Also, you will be able to add, edit and search for accounts easily and quickly. Through advanced search.


Accounting management process automation helps you:


Register invoices electronically and compare them with purchase orders to verify their validity and deal with any possible errors in invoices.


Obtaining the required approvals faster by directing them to the concerned authorities.


Directing bills due for payment after obtaining approval to ensure that the amounts due are paid.


Enjoy the ease and effectiveness of financial management and drive towards success!


Smart financial management in your hands

Managing accounts receivable

With DocSweet, you can easily view and review accounts receivable for customers, and compare them with invoices and purchase orders. This helps you track payment plans and ensure they are collected in a timely manner.


Successful and innovative financial account management in DocSuite allows you to:


Quick and easy response to customer inquiries related to their accounts, which enhances trust and good communication between the organization and customers.


The ability to attach and send any document related to customer accounts via e-mail, with ease.


Perfect cooperation with the sales department by directing documents related to customers in electronic form, which facilitates cooperation and coordination of efforts.


Financial audit

Prepare for an exceptionally professional financial audit with DocSuite, the ultimate financial management companion.


With our powerful and secure software, you will be able to organize your financial reviews easily and conveniently, by:


Digitize and archive all your documents, giving you quick and easy access to them through an innovative indexing system.


  • Direct linking with your accounting software, whether it is an "ERP" system or something else, which ensures smooth integration between the programs and facilitates the audit process.


Accurately monitor all stages of the accounting cycle, starting from journal entries to auditing and recording all daily transactions with all relevant details.


  • Review and track all types of financial receipts, whether cash, bank deposits, checks or electronic transfers, to ensure that all expenses in the organization are monitored and controlled smoothly.


The possibility of building and issuing comprehensive financial and accounting reports for the entire organization or for any branch or department, through a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

Greetings from the Dorra Installment Trading Est. team!


We would like to express to you our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for your inspiring efforts and hard work that you are distinguished for in the field of accounting, management and information technology software. You have been a strong pillar and a reliable partner for us during the period of our cooperation.


Thanks to your innovative and advanced technologies, we were able to improve the performance of our financial operations and strengthen our administrative system. We also remembered your outstanding and continuous technical support, which had a positive impact on our effective use of your programs and solutions.


Thank you very much, and we wish you continued progress and prosperity.


Ali bin Abdul Rahman Al-Shehri


Durrat Al Sons for Trade in installments


How to improve the financial management of your organization?

DocSuite is the perfect and most efficient solution for digital transformation. This leading software helps you automate accounting and financial workflows, saving you time and effort and boosting your productivity exceptionally.


Thanks to the "DocSuite" application, you will enjoy flexibility in managing financial and accounting tasks, and enjoy more fluid communication between the different departments in the organization.


The era of modern and advanced financial and accounting management, where there is no place for scattered papers or complex administrative communications


Data recording


Easily record documents via a variety of methods, and store them securely in a comprehensive electronic archive.


DocSuite supports the archiving tree at all levels, and allows you to manage electronic correspondence and archive all transactions in a flexible and organized manner.


Workflow engine

You can rely on our smart workflow management system, this system allows you to automatically direct transactions to the responsible employee in the relevant department once they are added to the system, and then, those transactions are automatically transferred to the higher authority after taking the appropriate action by the employee, and in case of need, they are transferred For baptism, in the end, the final action is taken and the requester is answered, and the transaction is filtered in the outgoing.


Adhere to regulations

Our cloud systems are characterized by compliance with the laws and instructions imposed by government agencies, which ensures greater transparency and security of your data and digital business.


We are committed to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and work according to it to achieve your success.


Smooth integration



With DocSuite, you can easily and effectively integrate with the core applications and software used by your organization, and your employees will be able to benefit from CRM software, ERP software, and more, to simplify tasks and automate processes.


Cyber security



Ensure the safety of your data and vital information from theft or loss by activating cyber security mechanisms and data backups.


You can store backups in the cloud to protect them from sudden power outages or natural disasters.


Prepare to handle any circumstances the organization may face with confidence and security.


Run command program



With DocSuite's smart command system, there is no room for lost or dropped commands between employees and administrators.


You will be able to easily follow orders and monitor developments, from their assignment to the relevant employee to their completion.


Let the system make it easy for you to manage and organize orders efficiently.


cloud software


Take advantage of the power of cloud storage to save, organize and automate data and information. Cloud software allows you to connect all branches of your organization easily and quickly to access data securely.

Share processes and data between branches and users, and get ready to communicate seamlessly and achieve higher performance at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining data backups.


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