Integrate and manage data according to the most important regulations and laws Do it easily!

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Integrate and manage data according to the most important regulations and laws Do it easily!
Integrate and manage data according to the most important regulations and laws Do it easily!

Within the framework of implementing the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 related to the transformation of all businesses, commercial and service institutions into an advanced digital system, the state’s regulatory authorities have taken important steps to provide a framework that regulates and protects data management, and compliance with these accurate regulations and laws is an essential matter that all government and private agencies and even individuals must Commitment to it, in order to ensure the protection of privacy, enhance security, and enhance transparency.

Compliance with these laws and regulations is mandatory for all.
It provides a clear legal framework that ensures that data is managed and integrated in a proper and orderly manner

What is the importance of complying with the regulations and laws for data protection and management?
The data protection law was discussed in September 2021
This law was legislated to protect data within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure the provision of security and privacy controls for government and companies.
Provided that even foreign companies operating inside the Kingdom abide by the same regulations and laws.
To impose sanctions
Failure to comply with these regulations and laws and exposing data to breach will lead to severe consequences.
Severe penalties have been set for those who dare to disclose sensitive data, as they may face imprisonment for up to two years or a fine of up to three million riyals.
· In the event of illegal transfer of data, the violator may be sentenced to one year in prison or a fine of up to one million riyals may be imposed.
If he commits any other violation that puts the data at risk, he may be fined up to five million riyals.
Obtaining approvals
The General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data confirms that any party wishing to access and deal with data must submit documents explaining the reason for using that data, and obtain the necessary approvals from the competent authorities in data management.
This helps ensure that data is used legally and legitimately, and builds trust between everyone.
Personal data
These laws and regulations apply comprehensively to personal data in the Kingdom, regardless of the type or source of data. The process of processing and protecting personal data is strictly regulated in accordance with those laws.
Set a time period
The General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data specifies that the right to access personal data includes a period of time determined by the data protection authority.
This procedure aims to protect the owners of personal data and ensure their safety in use.
Check the reasons
The competent authority must also verify the reasons for requesting the collection of personal data to ensure that it is correct and appropriate to comply with protection laws.
Such data must be free from any deceptive or inappropriate methods, and in the event that the collection of such data is found to be unnecessary or inappropriate, the collection must be stopped and the collected information destroyed.
compliance with foreign companies
The General Regulation for Personal Data Protection confirms that companies that operate outside the Kingdom and process and manage data must appoint a representative in the Kingdom and obtain approval from the authorities concerned with data protection and management before starting the processing process.
اللوائح والقوانين
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Regulations and laws on data protection and customer privacy are a fundamental pillar to support digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and promote the development of businesses and institutions in general, as they ensure the preservation of information confidentiality and the promotion of transparency and security.
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