What is the importance of impressive and secure electronic archiving of documents?

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What is the importance of impressive and secure electronic archiving of documents?
What is the importance of impressive and secure electronic archiving of documents?

What are the advantages of electronic archiving?

By using advanced technologies in electronic archiving, you can now keep all your organization's documents and your customers' data completely safe, and most importantly, away from any external threats, it is a huge step to protect your organization and maintain the privacy of your sensitive data.
What distinguishes electronic archiving is its ability to prevent theft and extortion. Thanks to the superior security system, you can rest assured that your data will not be exposed to risks and its privacy will not be violated. Be sure that electronic archiving works to protect your organization from any losses that may result from these risks.
Adhere to integration standards and regulations

These standards aspire to protect organizations and achieve transparency in data processing, which contributes to their success and development. This is achieved through data integration and merging in a safe and effective manner.
Paperless management

Say goodbye to managing traditional papers, as electronic archiving is the smart solution to all the challenges of managing transactions, requests, and procedures in the organization. Save time and effort through this system that facilitates the management and processing of documents quickly and effectively.
Cyber security

By relying on electronic archiving, you will be able to protect your data from theft, damage and loss. Activate cybersecurity and backup mechanisms to keep your data away from the risks of sudden power outages, natural disasters or fires.
Ease of use

Manage and customize quick and easy access to your financial, accounting, work and employee reports. You will also be able to perform the required reviews at any time and from anywhere, thanks to the ease of use and availability of the system across any device.
DocSuite provides document backup and storage on cloud storage units, to secure and uninterrupted work regardless of any circumstances that may occur, examples of such documents are:

Sales invoices.
Shipping receipts.
Various financial reports.
Purchase orders.
Employee records.
Tax data.
Job performance records.
Warehouse reports.
Products data.
Company publications.
And other various documents.
Discover DocSuite, the great solution for archiving and managing documents of all departments in your organization! What sets DocSuite apart is its ability to cater to your various needs, from sales invoices to inventory reports, contracts and more. With this software, you can store and manage your documents with ease and security.
Integrity and keeping your business running smoothly are among the most important advantages of DocSuite. The software securely protects your organization's documents and provides you with an organized and flowing business flow, through:
The ability to save documents in many formats such as PDF files, Microsoft Office files, images, and others.
Keep track of all documents after they are registered and archived, so that they can be easily reviewed and verified.
Granting access to documents only to the relevant persons adds another protection to your documents.
Provide data backup and store other backup copies on cloud storage units to ensure that the workflow is not interrupted for any reason.

Why choose DocSuite for electronic archiving?

data analysis

With this intelligent system, you can extract significant value from business and employee data and the various inputs and outputs of the organization.
Benefit from the power of big data to improve performance, develop work, and make the right decisions in all situations. This system also helps you to continuously qualify your employees and develop their skills.
Linking API library

This library provides a standard RESTful JSON API, which enables you to easily connect and integrate your system with any other software or systems, and you will be able to successfully perform the necessary tasks within the organization, including integration with cloud ERP systems and others.
Import transactions received from email

Make managing incoming transactions easier and more efficient with electronic archiving.
You can receive external mail and automatically transfer it to the appropriate external order department and then direct it to the appropriate employee. You can also customize the settings for receiving external mail according to the type of request or the relevant department, which increases work efficiency and smooth workflow in the organization.
More streamlined management

Enjoy more streamlined management with organized electronic archiving!
You can search for any document easily and quickly, which makes various workflow procedures easy to perform and enhances productivity in the organization.
Explore the world of DocSuite and get ready to dive into all the exciting features and technologies! We have prepared a series of exciting videos that will highlight how you can use DocSuite to achieve successful electronic archiving.
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