How is digital transformation implemented on the Madrasati platform?

The Madrasati platform is a successful initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to promote distance learning and achieve digital transformation in education. The platform offers various and unique services, from managing virtual meetings to submitt

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How is digital transformation implemented on the Madrasati platform?
How is digital transformation implemented on the Madrasati platform?
How is digital transformation implemented on the Madrasati platform?
 What is the Madrasati platform? How has digital transformation served education?
 In the wake of the spread of the Corona pandemic, the pace of digital transformation has accelerated in various aspects of life, especially in the field of education. The digital world has become the center of attention, as many institutions and governments have adopted online business models to ensure their continuity during this difficult period.
 In this context, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demonstrated its leadership by launching the Madrasati platform, which is a smart and necessary step to maintain the continuity of the educational process in the country. This platform reflects the government’s commitment to providing distance learning opportunities for students at various educational levels, including the primary, middle, and secondary levels.
 In this article, we will learn more about the Madrasati platform.
 What is the Madrasati platform?
 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has succeeded in adopting distance education technologies and achieving the concept of government digital transformation, which is a strategic direction that aims to improve the quality of education and provide an effective learning environment, by providing an integrated and interactive learning experience. The Madrasati platform seeks to achieve the maximum benefit for male and female students and provide effective support. For teachers.
 The Madrasati platform follows the concept of digital transformation by offering a range of interesting services and features that inspire the continuity of the educational process in light of the Corona pandemic. The Madrasati platform stands out for the diversity and uniqueness of educational tools, as it enables the management of virtual meetings and the submission of assignments and tests in digital form, in addition to opening horizons for discussion rooms. and electronic evaluation questionnaires.
 The “My School Platform” is also distinguished by its diversity of educational resources, as it offers visual videos and 3D content, with an augmented reality experience and access to Microsoft Office 365 programs. The platform also provides accurate monitoring of student progress for parents and facilitates the management of educational processes for school leaders.
 With more than 100,000 electronic questions and more than 45,000 digital content, the “My School Platform” shows great interest in diversity and interaction, and the integration with the “Ain” Foundation and the provision of additional free services contributes to enhancing the Saudi Vision 2030 in various fields of learning, from traffic safety to... Learn programming and mathematics clubs, as “My School Platform” represents a comprehensive portal for digital learning and innovation.
 The Madrasati platform gives you a unique learning experience, as it prepares you psychologically and mentally for the beginning of a new academic year full of challenges and successes, and its design reflects reality in all its details, from creating an ideal place to study to providing all the means that help you with better concentration.
 The educational program separates you from others, as it allows you to interact with your colleagues and communicate effectively with teachers, as the site enhances dialogue and exchange of ideas among everyone, with evaluation tests and transparency in the distribution of grades.
 The Madrasati platform also provides effective communication channels between students, teachers, and parents, which contributes to achieving educational goals and supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
How to register via the Tawakkalna application
 Through a number of easy steps, you can register on the Madrasati platform via the “Tawakkalna” application. Thanks to this feature, you can have smooth and effective access to educational content via your smartphones. These steps are:
 1. Start by visiting the “Tawakkalna” website.
 2. Choose “New Registration” and enter your national ID number and date of birth.
 3. Receive the verification code on your mobile phone and complete the steps to create a new password.
 4. Choose “My School Platform” data and specify your location on Google.
 5. Go to the “My School Platform” data, click on the Send Password icon.
 6. Close the page and go to “My School Platform”.
 7. Select “Sign in” and choose “Sign in with Microsoft account.”
 8. Enter your data sent by “Tawakkalna” and the password.
 9. Enter a new password and save it.
 10. Follow the steps to register the required data and click “Finish.”
 You now have an account on the Madrasati platform, giving you instant access to a variety of educational content and great tools.
 What features does the Madrasati platform provide?
 The Madrasati platform stands out with unique features that serve students, parents, and school leaders exceptionally, which are:
 Achieving educational goals
 Enhancing students’ level in cultural, scientific and social aspects through distance learning in an excellent way.
 Professional curricula
 Providing diverse educational curricula for all levels in a professional manner, while compensating for a shortage of teachers or administrators.
 Flexibility and comfort
 An opportunity to learn at any time and place that suits the student’s circumstances, with virtual classes and educational channels.
 Easy adoption
 The ability to access the “My School Platform” easily, even in cases where the student is unable to leave home.
 Motivating teachers
 Providing an environment that focuses on the basics through videos and virtual classes, which motivates teachers to provide distinctive educational content.
 Encouraging students to attend virtually, take notes, and actively search for the required information.
 With these features, the Madrasati platform is the ideal choice to achieve an integrated and flexible learning experience for everyone.
 What are the tools of the Madrasni platform?
 “My School Platform” offers a range of innovative tools to achieve an exceptional learning experience, which are:
 Virtual classroom
 Enjoy safe lessons and instant interaction with the teacher remotely, where students are encouraged to participate and ask questions.
 Huge educational library
 Take advantage of more than 45,000 diverse educational resources, from great educational videos and games to books and interactive experiments.
 Fun discussion forums
 Interact easily in discussions, which increases fun and reduces boredom while learning the material.
 Promoting digital health
 An opportunity for effective communication between students and teachers through chat rooms and e-mail to obtain feedback.
 Educational planning and design tools
 Ease of organizing educational content and designing effective plans to achieve learning goals.
Performance monitoring and detailed reports
 The site provides school leaders, supervisors, and teachers with an opportunity to monitor performance and take corrective action using an advanced performance reports and indicators system.
 The Madrasati platform embodies the future of e-learning with its advanced and inspiring tools.
 Technical support on the Madrasati platform
 The site also provides technical support, as it offers:
 Easy communication
 It allows parents and teachers to communicate with the technical support service on the Madrasati website via the technical support number, which is 920033988, to ask inquiries and queries, and present technical problems that they may encounter.
 Instant solutions
 This connection makes it possible to find immediate solutions to technical problems or inquiries related to the Madrasati platform, which contributes to providing a smooth user experience for users.
 Contribute and improve
 Users are encouraged to provide their comments and suggestions through the technical support service, which contributes to developing and improving the system to suit the needs of users.
 Make a positive impact
 The huge statistics of the platform’s beneficiaries – more than six million male and female students and 525,000 teachers and parents – show the great positive impact that the “My School Platform” has had on the course of distance education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
 How does DocSuite serve education platforms?
 The Doc Suite system effectively serves distance education platforms by providing a set of tools and services. It can contribute to improving the online learning experience on platforms, such as the Madrasati platform, as follows:
 Sharing and cooperation
 DocSuite provides the possibility of instant collaboration between students and teachers on the same document, which enhances interaction and effective participation in lessons.
 Realistic engagement
 Slides Doc Suite can be used to create interactive and attractive presentations, and this contributes to making learning processes more exciting.
 Evaluation and review
 DocSuite can be used to create interactive surveys and tests to evaluate student performance, and it also allows for quick feedback.
 Cloud storage
 It allows students and teachers to easily save and share files, which contributes to the effective organization of educational resources.
 effective communication
 The system can be used to facilitate communication between students and teachers, and provide an interactive environment for questions and answers.
 Security and data protection
 Providing a safe environment for online learning through advanced DocSuite security measures.
 By using DocSuite on distance education platforms, interaction and communication between students and teachers can be improved, and an advanced and sustainable learning environment can be provided, such as the Madrasati platform.
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