What you don't know about chatbots and their revolutionary applications

In today's era, chatbots are an essential part of intelligent assistants. They are infiltrating enterprise applications and chat platforms. They provide an interactive experience similar to a human conversation. They are used to carry out various tas

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What you don't know about chatbots and their revolutionary applications
What you don't know about chatbots and their revolutionary applications
What you don't know about chatbots and their revolutionary applications
 Today, chatbots are part of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri, making inroads into enterprise apps, websites, and instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.
 At DocSuite, we recognize the value of chatbots in enhancing the success of organizations. This article reveals part of the wonderful world of chatbots and their amazing applications.
 What are chatbots?
 Before we dive into the revolution, let's understand the basics. Chatbots are AI-powered programs designed to mimic human conversation. They can communicate with users through chat interfaces, websites, mobile apps, or messaging platforms. Chatbots can perform various tasks, starting from Answer frequently asked questions and even help with complex inquiries and even provide product recommendations.
  Chatbots are also used for entertainment and research purposes and are quite capable: not only can they understand natural language, they are also well suited to respond with it, often making the person speaking feel like they are talking to another human being.
 How capable are chatbots?
 Although mainstream chatbots are not yet able to replace a human, they can act like a human whenever necessary. There are many instances in chat support desks when representatives are too busy (with other customers) to attend to incoming customer flow.
 A similar situation can occur in a sales office, when too many website visitors want to know too much about your products and services and send too many inquiries in the chat box.
  Giving customers grief asking for support if they have to wait will only increase their frustration, they will resort to bad reviews and ratings even when you have solved their problem and it will be difficult to retain them when the time comes.
 Website users who want to learn more about your product and services will lack patience and will abandon the website in a few seconds if the salesperson is slow.
 Solve that problem
  In both cases mentioned above, chatbots can save a customer or two (or potential customer) by chatting with them when the human representative is not available, which will save them enough time during busy hours.
 This can be achieved in different ways. You can prepare answers to questions often asked by customers in distress, and combine them with a natural language processing toolkit to develop a chatbot application that understands natural language and responds to it in a natural way. The eye can’t tell the difference.
As new technology is developing rapidly, chatbots are one of them and are being adopted by most of the organizations. Using chatbot feature, all organizations can provide quality customer support easily and be able to reach a wide audience.
  Not only are chatbots available 24 hours a day, but they can help boost business and solve problems easily. Superior customer service is the top priority task in a company, and the best way to reach building a sound understanding between the company and the customer is to establish proper communication and interaction between the two, so In order to meet this need, virtual assistants such as chatbots have been introduced into the digital world, where the conversation starts directly from the customer's first visit to the company's website without time restrictions.
 Doc Suite's chatbot services
 Chatbots provided by DocSuite provide various services including:
 Customer support
 Enabling companies to provide immediate and available 24-hour support to their customers via chat, where the robot can interact naturally with customer inquiries and needs.
 Sales assistance
 Providing information about products and services, and interacting with customers proactively to stimulate sales.
 Respond to repeated inquiries
 Providing immediate and accurate answers to frequently asked questions to save customers time and enhance their experience.
 Orient users
 Directing website visitors to the correct pages or providing instructions on how to use the website effectively.
 Natural language processing
 Understand natural language and respond in a human-like manner to improve user interaction.
 Customize marketing campaigns
 Providing information about new products or services and adapting marketing campaigns based on customer interests.
 Data collection
 Collect data about customer needs and preferences to support the company in improving services and products.
 How do chatbots work?
  Chatbots are, basically, a perfect combination of the concept of bots and Messenger, you might be wondering how this actually works, well, let me share this with you, in fact, the main technologies behind Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and these technologies work on both forms of data, i.e. training data and live data.
 Training data is used to train Chatbots with answers to questions that a customer may ask in the near future and live data is the same question that a customer asks when they are online, this entire setup is very useful and effective as customers get all their queries answered within a few minutes or Even seconds sometimes.
 In fact, chatbots are improving every day, and now, they also understand voice, tone and intent, according to which they decide the answer and response. This advanced form of Chatbots is called digital assistants, which has brought a major revolution in mobile technology, with the introduction of chatbots,
Even non-technical people can find their answers and get their tasks done without needing anyone's help, so, it is suitable for everything and everyone in the digital world.
 Chatbot methods to adapt to customer needs
 The customer has various needs, which can be categorized on the basis of their necessity and required attention, according to this consideration, Chatbots work in two ways to identify the solution and fulfill the customer's requirement.
 The interactive approach is based on making the user experience smoother and hassle-free, making the user feel comfortable and prefer coming back. Services that fall under the interactive approach are providing recommendations for items, inquiries or people, and asking about customer preferences as in e-commerce such as Shopify, And provide people with health related assistance like Youper, etc.
 Proactive approach is a bit crucial and helps customers in real time analytical activities like updating customers about update in company policies, giving suggestions based on their place and time, update on product feature, in other words we can say that this approach covers areas of user assistance where Like the Marsbot application, time and space are of primary interest.
 The driving force behind the use of chatbots
 The factors that drive the success and popularity of chatbots are the services provided by the robots, including:
  Using chatbots improves the user experience because it guides the user all the time until they find what they want whether it is a product, content or services.
 Chatbots offer personalized services to the customer rather than being generic, and this works great as the customer feels homely and taken care of, which definitely attracts customers.
 Bots provide better space and experience for moderators to join websites because it depends on this experience whether the user will return to that website or not and hence this experience should be seamless for the future perspective.
 Bots help save costs and time. According to Juniper research, chatbots have led to cost savings of about $8 billion annually through 2022. Chatbots handle the front-end task more efficiently and quickly compared to manual front-end assistance as they can process a single query. While robots can serve many people, these employees can use their time to think deeply and solve critical problems.
 How to integrate chatbots with mobile app
 There are three basic ways to integrate chatbots with mobile applications: the Chatbot app, a separate Chatbot tab, and the Chatbot UI.
Chatbot application:
 Chatbot applications are separate applications that are coded with the aim of helping users in multiple ways like you can look at such examples like Watson’s Assistant (an IBM product), Xpresso.ai’s Smart Advisor, etc.
 Chatbot tab:
  Another way to implement a Chatbot is to use it in the pre-existing app as a tab instead of a separate app that may take up extra space or have some compatibility issues with the device it has to be installed on.
 Chatbots user interface
 Chatbots can also be implemented as a UI on the website itself, which is intuitive and user-friendly, and you do not need to install any separate application or open a separate tab for the same.
  At Doc Suite, we have experience in developing chatbots for different sectors and industries. We offer easy-to-use, AI-powered solutions to give you a competitive edge. Contact our team to find out how chatbots can make a difference in your business.
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