Al-Ahly Club adopts an electronic archiving system to improve its management

Al-Ahly Club takes an innovative step towards development and improvement by adopting an electronic archiving system

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Al-Ahly Club adopts an electronic archiving system to improve its management
Al-Ahly Club adopts an electronic archiving system to improve its management
Al-Ahly Club adopts an electronic archiving system to improve its management
File and information management is a vital aspect in any organization or sports club, and the Egyptian Al-Ahly Football Club is no exception. Given its long and extensive history in the world of sports, the club faces multiple challenges with regard to managing and preserving files and information related to its activities, history, and members. In order to improve this process and increase efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with this data, Al-Ahly Club decided to adopt an electronic archiving system. This decision is a bold step towards modernizing systems and using modern technology in the field of sports information management. In this article, we will learn about how this decision affects Al-Ahly Club and ways to improve its management of its files and better serve its fans.
Dr. confirmed. Saad Shalabi stressed that adopting the electronic archiving system is part of the club’s strategy to modernize the technological infrastructure by answering the following questions:
What prompted Al-Ahly Club to decide to adopt the electronic archiving system?
The decision to adopt the electronic archiving system came as a result of the development of the technological era and the necessity of keeping pace with modern technologies in managing and organizing information and files. At the club we have had significant challenges in managing rapidly increasing documents and information, which include sporting, administrative and historical files. It was necessary to work to streamline processes and make data better and faster available to all departments, members and audiences.
Electronic archiving represents an effective solution to these challenges, as it allows us to store information securely and to be easily accessible and searchable. In addition, it contributes to improving the experience for members and audiences by providing accurate and quickly updated information. In general, we decided to adopt electronic archiving to improve administrative efficiency and develop the services we provide to our loyal fans
What challenges did the club face in managing files and information before implementing the electronic archiving system?
Before adopting the electronic archiving system, managing files and information in Al-Ahly Club presented major challenges. The volume of information and data has increased significantly with the development and growth of the club in various sporting and administrative aspects. This increasing volume of information has put increasing pressure on traditional file management systems.
One of the main challenges was the difficulty of accessing the required information quickly and effectively. In many cases, it was difficult to find vital files and information in a timely manner, which affected the speed of decision-making and service delivery to club members and fans.
There was also a lack of integration between the club's various systems, which led to the dispersion of information and the difficulty of sharing it between different departments. This dispersion in the circulation of information affected the club’s internal coordination and cooperation.
How was the electronic archiving system suitable for the club's needs selected?
The appropriate electronic archiving system was chosen with great care and based on the club's needs and requirements. The DocSuite-integrated system was considered the ideal choice as it fully compatible with the club's sporting and administrative governance needs.
The sports governance system provides several key advantages that suit the club. Among these advantages is providing an integrated and flexible structure for managing information and files, in addition to an easy-to-use interface that enables club employees to carry out their tasks effectively.
The Sports Governance System is a system specifically designed to help sports institutions and organizations manage sports and administrative operations effectively and efficiently. The sports governance system is based on specific directives and standards aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, control of sports operations, and making decisions in a systematic and organized manner.
The system also includes advanced security features that contribute to protecting the club's sensitive data and information. It provides the ability to organize and classify files systematically, which facilitates searching for information quickly and accurately.
In addition, the sports governance system integrated into the Doc Suite system can provide detailed reports and statistics that contribute to performance evaluation and strategic decision-making.
In this way, we made sure that the electronic archiving system we chose suits our unique needs as a sports club and contributes to achieving our goals efficiently and safely.
How is continuity of service and technical support for the sports governance system and the electronic archiving system ensured?
Dr. Saad Shalaby, Executive Director of Al-Ahly Club, told us: Ensuring service continuity and providing technical support for the sports governance system and electronic archiving system is extremely important for Al-Ahly Club. Therefore, robust procedures and plans have been put in place to ensure service continuity and provide technical support as follows:
1.     Disaster recovery plan
The disaster recovery plan was developed and implemented in collaboration with the sports governance and electronic archiving system provider. This plan includes procedures to protect and recover data in the event of technical problems or emergencies.
2.     Regular maintenance
Periodic maintenance of the sports governance system and the electronic archiving system is carried out to ensure their proper and sustainable performance. This includes updating software and fixing any technical issues.
3.     Technical support
Providing a professional and trained technical support team to respond to user inquiries and problems. Support is provided via phone, email, or support ticket system.
4.     Updates and development
We are keen to develop the sports governance system and the electronic archiving system periodically to meet the club’s changing needs. Updates and improvements are provided based on user feedback and technological developments.
5.     Training and awareness
We provide training courses and workshops for club employees on how to use the sports governance system and the electronic archiving system effectively.
Thanks to these measures, we can ensure continuity of service and provide the necessary technical support to ensure that the sports governance system and electronic archiving system continue to support the club’s objectives and activities reliably and sustainably.
What tips can you share with other sports clubs that want to successfully transition into the digital age?
If you run or work in a gym and want to successfully transition into the digital age, here are some tips that can help you:
·       Development of a website and digital application:
Create a custom website and digital app for your sports club that allows members to easily access club information, schedules and news.
·       Use of social media:
Create active social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate with club members and post news and events.
·       Member management system:
Use a digital system to manage members and subscriptions, track attendance, and provide reporting.
·       Live broadcast and video:
Take advantage of live streaming to broadcast events and training classes online, and you can even create a video library of training lessons.
·       Providing an online experience:
Offer online training courses or exercise apps that members can sign up for and follow from anywhere.
·       Online advertising and marketing:
Use online advertising campaigns to increase awareness of your club and attract new members.
·       Security and privacy:
Take care of the security of club members' personal information and data and ensure that privacy and security standards are followed.
· data analysis:
Use data analysis tools to understand member needs and interests and improve club services.
·       Technology training:
Provide training sessions for club staff on how to use technology and digital tools.
·       Continuous communication:
Stay in constant contact with club members through email, text messages and apps to inform them of news and events.
In short, technology and digital should be a key part of your gym's strategy to improve the member experience and increase communication and engagement. Invest in developing these aspects and make them support your vision and your club's goals.
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