How can you provide security and protection for your data?

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How can you provide security and protection for your data?
How can you provide security and protection for your data?
Enjoy the highest levels of security and protection for your various business information and operations, unparalleled security of confidential data and control it with ease and ease, at any time and from anywhere you choose, using any device you prefer.
How does DocSuite help you secure your organization's data?

Transparency and traceability

Get the ultimate in security and protection for your business information and processes in an exciting and efficient way. Discover the outstanding security power of the impressive electronic document management and archiving system, DocSuite.
DocSuit gives you complete control and effective monitoring of all your processes and tasks within your organization, giving you accurate workflow tracking and unparalleled transparency.
With DocSuite, you can clearly track every step of your workflow, see data modifications with ease, and get real-time reports that make your business more efficient.

Data access control

DocSuite provides a powerful and complex system for controlling access to sensitive files, documents, information and data within your organization.
This system guarantees you the security and protection of information and protects data and documents from any risks that threaten its security, as you can control the permissions of employees and users to access data and files accurately, whether by storing, processing, modifying, sharing, or even deleting them permanently.
Security and protection of data and information

Protect your sensitive data and information with DocSuite. Your business deals with many important records and confidential documents that need a secure, organized and easy-to-handle storage system.
DocSuite allows you to easily control employee records, invoices, contracts, financial documents, confidential information and data, and much more.
You can capture, organize, process and store them in secure repositories that protect them from damage, theft and misuse. Ensure the confidentiality and security of your data and enjoy quick access to it at any time and from anywhere.
Protection from viruses, cyber attacks and malware

Enjoy with DocSuite Cloud, with an exceptional degree of security from viruses, cyber attacks and malware, this cloud program uses a software-based infrastructure that is able to efficiently detect and deal with viruses.
You'll be able to increase the security of your business documents and protect them against any known illicit attacks or extortion ware. DocSuite detects encrypted viruses, automatically excludes contaminated documents, and even handles over 99% of known common viruses.
Thanks to the superior security, no new virus will be able to access or damage your documents.

DocSuite operates in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country, ensuring the security and privacy of your organization's data and complying with legal and industry requirements.
You can count on DocSuite to achieve compliance with the standards and standards of HIPAA, GDPR, NCAR, National Documentation Archives, and Public Archives in your country.
Data backup

Get ready for more security and protection with the cloud dock suite! With the cloud storage available in our system, you will have the ability to create backup copies of all your organization's documents and store them securely in the cloud.
These backups will be at your disposal in the event of any emergency such as damage or theft, so you can rest assured that your data will be available to you anytime you need it, even in the worst possible circumstances.
How do you protect and ensure business continuity with DocSuite Cloud?
Discover the power of DocSuite Cloud and enjoy superior security of your data and documents. It will give your employees instant and easy access to data and documents, regardless of their location, whether inside or outside the organization. Thanks to our advanced system, data and communications are continuously secured and encrypted, ensuring your operations Safe and reliable business.
Do not worry about the safety of your information, as advanced and robust protection is placed at the top of our list of priorities, an exceptional security experience with the cloud DocSuite, and take advantage of the advantages of a secure and organized work
Copy and store data
Make sure your data is highly secure with DocSuite Cloud.
We take exceptional measures to ensure that your data is copied and stored with the highest levels of protection, and we are committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations in countries to ensure the safety and security of your data.
Separation and segmentation of data
The system separates customer data in the cloud from DocSuite core data, while maintaining privacy and full control over each customer's data. We monitor and record all actions taken in the system to ensure transparency and security.

Encryption of data and communications

We ensure that all communications are encrypted and data traffic is protected via HTTPS and TLS. This means that your business data, including passwords and financial information, is encrypted and protected from intrusion and theft. We also rely on reliable data centers and use modern protection technologies including VPN and HSTS to provide the highest Security levels.
Protect and encrypt documents
We protect and encrypt all sensitive business documents and documents, and use internationally approved encryption standards, such as AES, to protect your data with the highest level of confidentiality.
With these powerful measures, you can rest assured that your documents are protected and secure from any cyberattacks or hacking.
DocSuite makes it easy to access your data again if it is damaged or stolen by backing up to cloud storage.
Cloud Doc Suite
The complete solution for managing your documents
An innovative suite of cloud solutions

Automate preconfigured workflows for all departments
Ease of data dissemination

Interconnection with various local and cloud systems
Advantages and services

Electronic document management through a set of integrated features
Mobile applications

Possibility to work through mobile applications
Provide security

Archiving and keeping data securely and privately
Merger and link

Integration with other programs such as ERP and other programs
Start now to protect your data from damage or theft to ensure business continuity
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