Learn about the secrets and characteristics of the electronic archiving program

Store and manage documents digitally and securely with easy categorization and search, protection and tracking of information, and effective collaboration and sharing.

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Learn about the secrets and characteristics of the electronic archiving program
Learn about the secrets and characteristics of the electronic archiving program


Learn about the secrets and characteristics of the electronic archiving program 

Have you ever wondered how to store and organize the huge amount of information and data that we deal with on a daily basis? Do you want to quickly find the documents and files you need without the hassle of long searches? If your answer is yes, then the electronic archiving program is the solution you are looking for.


What are electronic archiving systems?

The electronic archiving system is an integrated system for managing incoming and outgoing correspondence: recording, archiving, tracking, and decision-making, as well as managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, which is vital in organizations, and requires an integrated system that includes recording and archiving transactions, tracking referral traffic, querying and retrieving correspondence, and making decisions about it. This is what you find in the Doc Suite system in order to improve efficiency and performance, save time and effort in searching and tracking, and enhance transparency and credibility in internal and external correspondence.

Electronic archiving is concerned with preserving and organizing electronic documents and files, while providing ease of access and sharing. This is done through an electronic archive system that supports the archiving program and the organizational structure for managing correspondence and transactions. Office, PDF, and multimedia files can be saved and archived, and viewed without downloading. Electronic archiving   In organizing documents, improving access and participation, reducing dependence on paper archiving, and improving work efficiency.

What are the main features of the electronic archiving program?

The electronic archiving software is a powerful tool that aims to organize and manage electronic documents and information in an institutional and effective manner. This program is characterized by a set of characteristics that make it an indispensable tool for institutions and organizations that are interested in electronic archiving, so let's get to know them in detail.

  • Task management: distribute and follow up tasks within the organization.

The electronic archiving system aims  In managing tasks in the system, it facilitates adding tasks and distributing them to employees in the organization, as it allows assigning tasks to specific employees and determining who is responsible for following them up and compensating for them in case of absence. The system also notifies the employees of the tasks assigned to them in a timely manner.

Using this integrated system, DocSuite managers can accurately track the efficiency and achievement of employees for the specific tasks that have been assigned to them. Various tasks within the organization can also be linked to internal and external transactions, including outgoing and incoming transactions.

Task management contributes to improving the distribution of work and strengthening organization within the organization, which leads to increased productivity and improved tracking and management of employee performance.

  • Efficient tracking of operations and technological intelligence

WorkFlow Engine))  It aims to improve the efficiency and management of administrative operations in an intelligent and effective manner. It enables automatic routing and transfer of transactions between different departments and taking the necessary actions, which saves efforts and time. It contributes to increasing transparency and security, and improving the quality of service provided to clients and beneficiaries.


  • Organize and implement policies and procedures

Electronic archiving is a smart system  It allows institutions to easily publish and archive administrative circulars and new regulations. The system ensures that the announcement reaches all employees through email or SMS notifications, and contributes to improving communication and communication within the organization. The system also allows archiving circulars for audit and compliance purposes.

This DocSuite smart system helps organizations to facilitate the publication and documentation of new circulars and regulations easily and effectively, and to ensure that employees have immediate and real-time access to information.

  • Working online and without 

There are cloud programs such as DocSuite that operate on the Internet to facilitate remote control and enable follow-up and management of companies' work from anywhere and through any device connected to the Internet. It also supports Windows tablets. It is designed to deal with Internet service problems such as outages or network weaknesses to ensure access and work without downtime.

  • Improve organization and speed up operations through smart systems

This system aims to speed up the organization's operations, facilitate the tracking of requests, monitor the performance of employees and their completion of the tasks assigned to them, and thus enhance transparency and accountability within the organization. Advanced technologies such as cloud solutions, document management systems, and operations management systems are used to achieve this goal.

  • Writing chat

The text chat system is one of the technological tools that contribute to facilitating communication and providing an effective communication channel between employees within the organization. This system allows employees to send text messages, audio recordings, and share various document files easily, safely, and in complete confidentiality, similar to the WhatsApp application, but intended for enterprise employees only.

The system contributes to facilitating the assignment of tasks and inquiries about various transactions and documents between employees. It allows managers to contact employees directly, assign urgent tasks and follow up on work progress. Thanks to this tool, communication and internal cooperation are enhanced and work efficiency is improved in the organization.

  • Import incoming transactions from email

The system for importing transactions received from e-mail is used in electronic archiving  To automatically receive and process external mail. This mail is automatically transferred to the Department of Receiving External Requests, where the competent employee in the department handles it and responds to it. 

The settings for receiving external mail can be customized according to the type of request or department and the party involved in handling it. The system also includes filtering and filtering incoming mail messages to avoid spam and unwanted content, such as advertising and inappropriate messages

Using this system contributes to simplifying and improving the process of receiving and processing external e-mail, which enhances the organization's efficiency and improves its response to external correspondence.

  • Continuous communication and comprehensive information

Employees can receive instant email notifications to receive updates and new tasks. SMS messages can also be used to send important alerts to employees' phones, focusing on urgent tasks that require a quick response. And with smartphone notifications, employees can easily see updates and new comments while on the go. The system also provides internal notifications through the system itself, to ensure that all employees have access to assigned tasks and related information. 

  • Smart Sheet

Smart Sheet is an innovative DocSuite toolkit that provides a smart solution for electronic archiving and administrative communications. This program offers many powerful features for working with data, from creating input forms using Google Forms and conducting questionnaires and polls inside and outside the organization, to organizing and analyzing data and answers automatically and exporting them to spreadsheets capable of making decisions. 

With Smart Sheet, organizations can take advantage of innovative and powerful tools for electronic archiving and management communications. This package provides ease of collecting data, conducting surveys and analyzing them automatically, which helps in making informed and effective decisions within the organization.




The advantages you get from electronic archiving systems

DocSuite provides an integrated set of electronic archiving systems and service packages that aim to provide a smooth and secure management experience within organizations of all types, sizes and specializations.

  • Understand and utilize information to make strategic decisions 

Electronic archiving is a smart system for analyzing work and employee data and using big data to improve performance, develop work, make the right decisions in different situations, and also continuously train employees.

  • OCR Package

An OCR package that allows converting attached images into texts that are easy to handle, modify and save, and extract text from PDF files and images in different formats.

  • API binding library

Linking library API facilitates linking and integration with other systems such as cloud ERP systems to achieve business success within organizations.

  • Design and create reports with ease

The report builder package can be used to generate various reports on performance, workflow, employee quality, and quality of services provided.


In the conclusion of our article on electronic archiving, it can be said that it represents an important shift in the management of documents and information within institutions and companies. Electronic archiving offers many advantages, such as increased efficiency and faster workflow, saving costs and physical space, easy access and search of documents, and strong data protection.

Using appropriate technology and advanced electronic archiving software such as  DocSuite, organizations can take full advantage of the benefits of electronic archiving and achieve a successful digital transformation. Electronic archiving allows users to manage and organize documents efficiently and easily, and helps improve navigation, browsing, and information retrieval quickly and accurately.


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